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Concert Sound for the Opening Act

Concert Sound for the Opening Act

I chose to write this set of posts, in reaction to years of listening to my artist buddy regale me tails of woe, about”Bad Audio Adventures.” BSE if you may. Most frequently, these BSE’s had a common recognizable trait (New or inexperienced audio technician ) and nearly all were associated with on stage monitor mixes. These unlucky experiences made playing with their songs un-fun and un-inspiring.

With this guide, I included a caveat, to create a bigger point… communicating… Hence the first two posts are put at the funniest place in the music industry… When YOU is your Opening Act!

This show is an attempt to empower musicians on two levels: first using a simple understanding of”Concert Sound” engineering and secondly having a willingness to participate the concert audio engineers that they experience every day, as collaborators and co-conspirators and less road blocks to success.

“In this report, we will discuss a stage Bad Blake makes in the film”Crazy Heart.”

Blake into the audio mixer:”We are gonna remain here daily’til we receive this mixture right!

Mixer: It’s right…

Blake to his group: They always say that… but they are gonna Make Sure That the opening act does not seem like the Headliner!”

You may see a number of that exchange in the connection at the bottom of the report.

It requires a moment to buffer, so be patient, at roughly 40 sec to the preview you see a part of the trade between artist and audio engineer.

I have been in this specific scenario many times myself in sound check, so it appears to be a fantastic spot to initiate a discussion about a few essential points. An individual are the obvious… communicating between musician and audio engineer, yet another, the opening action and the headliners audio engineer… perhaps one more… the opening act’s audio engineer as well as the headliner’s audio engineer. Let us sort through this possible mine field.


In our prior case, the artist Bad Blake along with the audio engineer Bear possess some clear trust problems. Everyone seems a bit cranky, and time is the most likely working out on audio check.

Let us return into the”You do not understand me” post for some aid. Here are two passages that are related to this stage.

“The next most important people you will have to discover are the audio technicians. I can not emphasize enough how significant – that area of the procedure – would be to the true results of your circles operation. We are going to discus this facet (Audio ) in fantastic detail using a future post”


This is the precise nature of the association between the”Generation” and the neighborhood IA crew. If the creation is well arranged and planned, the afternoon will proceed exceedingly well. If the creation has organizational difficulties, these problems will place strain on the deadlines daily. Stuff happens… Trucks appear late, chain sockets split and thunder storms burst in!

This strain (even on an ideal day there may be stress ) affects the sum of production period time – accessible to”Opening Act.” The Opening Acts manufacturing representative should know about the way the Headliners manufacturing is coming together. Show up early and look closely at the workflow. Tracking the Development of the creation is Crucial!”

Let us look at some fundamental”Opening Act” situations from among those earlier mentioned viewpoints: Headliners sound technology and Opening Act Musicians.

Let us take a fast tangential left and specify exactly what makes a”Top Notch” audio firm? To begin with, the equipment needs to be exceptional and in great working order. Those two paragraphs explain about 80 percent of those audio companies I have encountered over my 35 years in the organization.

Attitude… maybe not Aptitude

It’s possible to presume, if a solid firm is outside on a tour using a headliner or they’re the Audio Business of selection at a significant place, they know the technical aspects of sound reinforcement. Ahhh…. Are they advocates for your songs? That is the question.

This is the way to locate the solution!

I am serious! This is a company! The audio techs operate a long hard day. To some solid technician… the most gorgeous words in the whole Musical lexicon are,”A Day With.”

The equipment becomes packed up and they are on the street HOME prior to midnight!

Additionally, it means, when audio check endings 6:00 -6:30 PM there is a fracture until 7:30 PM.

The following most gorgeous words would be, The Opening Act is a comic… WE LOVE COMEDY… One mic and one screen. BEAUTIFUL!

Except for Gallagher… he is never fine… but he is certainly the exception.

So once you appear searching to get 32 input channels and 10 tracks combinations for YOUR group…. Recall…. You are being compared to”A Day with”

The expression…”To Insure Proper Service” T.I.P.S. isn’t a terrible thing to do here. Without exception they’ll say,”You do not have to do that we will look after you” Your company reply is”I am not concerned about that. I understand what a pain in the ass that is really for you guys, please take it as our supply of admiration for this effort.” It might return and forth a time or 2, but it must finish with you lending him or the track engineer that the $200.

Currently there’s a professional demeanor for the end of this creation.

My previous article talked at length concerning the business of group equipment (back line) and dispersing the specialized info to the appropriate channels. The 200 is NOT gonna do much for you in the event that you have not taken good care of the specialized organization and company before this stage. It is the combination of all of these things which will ensure your ring has a great”Opening Act” encounter…. On Stage.

That is where we began; recall the conversation from”Crazy Heart.” The Headliner’s FOH mixer along with his system technician (the man responsible for the technical areas of the PA) will be combining the starting action – supposing the ring does not have an authentic sound technician. They’ll make every attempt to create the Opening Act seem like possible. There’s 1 caveat here therefore we ought to discuss it today.

Blake into the audio mixer:”We are gonna remain here daily’til we receive this mixture right!

Mixer: It’s right…

Blake to his group: They always say that… but they are gonna Make Sure That the opening act does not seem like the Headliner!”

The Headliners sound team will compress the Launch Acts sound. They do so for a range of very good reasons. Here is the significant reason.

That means it reduces the gap of the quantity between the softest and loudest noises in the mixture. Compression for this goal is supposed to guard the PA from any over modulated (twisted ) sound signals. It’s done in order to make certain that the PA system will be in full working order for your Headliner.

Back in the former article I talked of the potential revenue generated by one Sport Arena concert as being from the many million-dollar variety. If the PA doesn’t work and headliner can not play…. The money has reimbursed. COMPRESSION is going to be utilized.

Bad Blake, has a stage… and now most of us understand why. The quantity of compression that’s applied is the trick to success. If the ring can remain under control, meaning great consistent sound signals. It’ll serve to construct confidence from the FOH individuals accountable for the safe keeping of their PA system and they’ll use less compression. Know this and you will sound great!

The Band eventually receives the stage. This is the area where communication is crucial, and in which the experts excel. Work to be sure the ring becomes comfy on stage this is the point where the music becomes made so begin… on point.

Each one the PRE-PRODUCTION work occupies it is fruit in this stage in time.

Placement of group equipment (back line) on point is crucial, the positioning of”AC” drops and DI boxes in the right areas will get you up and running online check fast. Have the artists nearby… do not let them stage until line check was completed. Nothing pushes seem techs crazier than with the artists on stage prior to the Microphone lines and Monitor combinations are right and confirmed. Have a designated individual – run the communication – between the group and the track engineer. Be nice rather than blame the equipment as the difficulty before your confident beyond a reasonable doubt it is actually… the equipment… that’s the issue!

Yes before they were… you know just where I am going for this… the stage is EVERY Band begins as Opening Act… The sound/lighting businesses realize that now’s Opening Act is tomorrow Headliner, the concert promoters know that also. The manufacturing personnel will be present to help for each one the reasons we have discussed. They’re Professionals and they understand what is at stake.

If your group gets to become someone’s Opening Act, consider it seriously, be ready and be ON TIME!

It is not a once in a lifetime chance… It is the chance of a life.

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