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Even High-tech Treatments Do Not Guarantee That Cancer Can Be Cured or Will Not Spread

Even High-tech Treatments Do Not Guarantee That Cancer Can Be Cured or Will Not Spread

She consulted with a general medical practitioner who arranged an X-ray to be performed, imagining that she would have tuberculosis. She was then referred to an expert who did a CT scan and discovered”that a 4.8 x 3.9 cm soft tissue mass with lymphadenopathy of the ideal lung.” A biopsy was advocated but Swee diminished and chose to return to Penang for another opinion.

Back in Penang, a bronchial biopsy was completed and the outcome confirmed the earlier identification.

A day before Swee was advised to get chemotherapy that she received a telephone call from a comparative telling her to go for therapy in China instead.

She failed the following remedies:


2. Cyroablation Utilizing Argon-helium. Three cryoprobes were added into the lesion and the entire freezing procedure was tracked with the CT scan before”iceball” fully insured the target bulk. Following two freezing-thaw cycles that the cryoprobes were pulled outside.

3. Under directed CT scan, 15 radioactive iodine-125 seeds have been planted to the tumour mass.

The physicians concluded that these therapies were effective. Swee was permitted to come home to Indonesia.

This trip lasted fourteen days. She failed the very same remedies: chemotherapy using Navelbine, cryoablation and potassium seed implantation. According to the physicians, the next process was carried out along with the patient’s illness has been improved.

Her son said:”The doctors assured us that the tumour goes away but in precisely the exact same time cautioned that the cancer may spread to other areas of the human body. There’s not any guarantee it won’t disperse. He did state which portion of the body it’ll spread ”

Following Swee returned to her house, members of her household were in a predicament. They didn’t have the capital to proceed with additional treatments in China. The price of her very first remedy was 87,000 Yuan. The next remedy price 57,000 Yuan. Swee wanted to market the home the family is staying into fund her remedy. Her five children (two sons and three brothers ) were unsure whether this was the proper thing to do. This is because there’s absolutely no certainty that Swee will probably be wholly cured.

Swee’s son came to visit us at December 2007 and desired to understand the following:

1. What if they do?

2. When it’s likely to take our herbaceous plants and in precisely the exact same time experience the Chinese therapy, if they opt to visit China again. That is with the expectation that herbs might help Swee in certain ways where medical therapy can’t.

I told the son that the primary point to consider in significant consideration is the chance of the cancer spreading to the brain. Nobody can stop that and also the chance of the metastasis is quite significant. For the boy said:”Yes. While I had been at the hospital in China I’ve seen some patients that endured like my mom and that underwent comparable therapies. Approximately six months following the treatment the cancer spread into the brain. The doctor also explained that the kind of cancer my mom has is quite competitive and there’s a 90% likelihood it is going to spread to other areas of the human body. There’s not any guarantee it won’t spread.”


It’s extremely tough for me to counsel in this situation, except to state that by my reading of medical literature, lung cancer is deadly and the prospect of a remedy is nil. But how do I put this message in a fashion which isn’t traumatic to individuals or their family ?

Based on Stephen Spiro and Joanna Porter (esophageal cancer – where are we now? Amer. 166:1166-1196):”Though chemotherapy might be a logical strategy, there’s virtually no evidence it may heal NSCLC. The fiscal cost… is large. Disappointing as it might sound, this sums up the truth of this circumstance.”

Even if what I say (lung cancer doesn’t have any cure) might be accurate, generally patients wouldn’t take it would not believe me. They need a remedy and they anticipate a remedy with the treatment provided to them. If we provide herbs and instruct them to modify their lifestyle in the hope of prolonging their own lives or boosting the quality of the lives, they nevertheless insist that we inform them of their odds of cure.

“The patients place complete confidence in physicians to prescribe the best treatment approaches i.e., place their own lives at the hands of their medical physicians. Those large pharmaceutical firms… prove to be very persuasive in their scientific excuse until now. That’s the reason why a great deal of patients still favor their medication. To the contrary, herbal therapy provides no explanation about how the herbs operate and also to what extent it might help the sufferers. To put it differently, there’s absolutely no assurance that taking herbs will make you feel better . In the same way, if I’m to ask you , just how and to what degree your herbs can assist the individual, I don’t believe I will anticipate a definite response. Again, you could say it’s all up to the individual to pick and place his/her religion in whatever choice being made. It’s similar to telling the individual to select whatever he/she believes is the correct medication. I really don’t believe that is very perfect. If I understand outright that something functions – if they’re drugs or herbs, I wouldn’t be afraid to commit myself and urge the simple fact it is going to get the job done.

You will find questions patients may ask when contemplating your herbal supplements as an alternative remedy for example: Would you say that your herbs operate considerably efficiently than contemporary treatments?”

I completely know that patients need a guarantee or a guarantee of treatment. However, our experience tells us there is not any cure for cancer, so make it an early phase or a terminal phase. To us, recovery (notice using the term recovery not heal ) of cancer isn’t about taking herbs independently. Many patients missed the point that they need to first understand to help themselves by altering their lifestyle, mindset and diet should they wish to find recovery. Sadly, this shift is something very difficult for patients to perform. In cases like this, her son told me that Swee isn’t a man or woman who’s prepared to modify. She’s not ready to modify her diet and thinks in eating whatever she enjoys. The debate is”why should I not have the ability to eat anything that I enjoy – I will die anyhow.”

Second, the herbs aren’t likely to taste great and the son isn’t optimistic that Swee would want to consume it. Simply speaking, most patients such as Swee is just interested to find recovery in their terms.

1. We’re born”with our very own blind confidence in a health institution that preys on our deepest anxieties, all of the while purporting to ride to our rescue with”miracles remedies”

2. “The mixture of business greed, media hype, political expediency and also our own”techno-consumption” mindset is contributing increasingly more frequently to some dependence on expensive treatments which are marginally effective at best – and sometimes downright harmful.”

3. “When decisions involve new therapies, the premise is virtually always that newer and more can only be improved. Conveniently, this posture nearly always coincides with fiscal self-interest.”

4. “It’s said that physicians are too prepared to prescribe the most recent medication without so much as looking into the signs in any respect it makes them happy, it makes the patients contented and it makes the medicine rep joyful.”

We aren’t true to our origin and our mission if we say or behave like we’ve got one. It’s a challenge for many to comprehend that we’re here trying to help. We don’t want to push our own herbs. We set no earnings target and don’t plan to conquer new markets. Our work is driven by compassion and love, not gain. If there is any guarantee or assurance sufferers receive from us, it’s this:”Attempt the herbaceous plants for a couple of weeks. If the patient does not getter any greater, stop taking our herbs and find somebody else for assistance.”

Allow me to conclude with this narrative. Lung cancer has been formerly treated with Iressa. When Iressa was initially launched it had been hailed in the press as: The Medication of Tomorrow; The Miracle Medication; The Smart Drug; Miracle Cure – the medication that Rises from the Ashes along with several other superlatives.

The message to the entire world was obvious:”A breakthrough is in hand – there is very good hope and fantastic anticipation. Lung cancer sufferers don’t die any more. This makes it more persuasive. This is the sort of guarantee cancer individuals all over the world desire before they consume their very first pill – the author of the above mentioned e-mail contained.

In an informative article: Iressa should haven’t been accepted ([] ISDB-Feb-2. Of those 183 have expired. The drug had been approved in July 2002 in Japan and at the end of January 2003 – hardly six months afterwards, the departure linked to the adverse response to Iressa had attained 183.”

In the Western nations, Iressa was removed and has been demonstrated to be not effective anymore regardless of the earlier great media hype. But from the states of the East, Iressa is still being prescribed to a lot of cancer sufferers, even now. Patient should spend approximately RM 7,000 to RM 8,000 to get a month’s supply of Iressa. Is Tarceva successful? The organization’s site said it’s proven to have improved overall survival by 37 percent and had revealed a proven significant symptom gains by prolonging the time to development of symptoms. Physicians and patients adore such assurance. The generated statistic quoted is quite impressive indeed. However, what can 37% mean? The truth is: should you choose Tarceva, you are able to live 9.5 weeks and if you do not take Tarceva you live 6.7 weeks. In actual conditions Tarceva simply increased survival by 2.8 months.

How can this assurance seem to patients? Do patients understand or educated about that? Bear in mind, this guarantee of having the ability to reside 2.8 months more includes a cost of RM 8,000 each month.

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